Technology is changing the world at an increasingly rapid pace. As an angel investor, I'm looking for companies that will be able to have a significant positive impact on that change.

World View
Taking that a step further, I believe there are a few key trends that will drive this change over the next few decades.

  1. There is a significant, and growing lack of trust in government, corporations, and more broadly, the systems in place that have created a world with major wealth inequality, a climate crisis, and lack of power and voice at the individual level.
    • The world is becoming more digitally native.
      • Hardware and platforms (particularly smartphones) have spread globally and are evolving to allow us to spend more time in a digital world and continue to blend the distinction between digital and physical.
      • This is also driven by the fact that new generations of the population are being born never not having known a digital world. Gen Z is the first such generation and as they enter the work force and build purchasing power, the evolution of technology will only increase in pace.

    As a result, software continues to eat the world and now does so at a very primal level - how we trust and how we think.

    1. That changes how and where we form community, interact with it, and the governance of it.
    2. That changes how we make decisions.
    3. That changes what we assign value to and how we manage transactions.
    4. That changes the economics behind human behavior.

    This is the heart of of the software revolution that is changing how we trust.

    1. It is changing our relationship with money and assets in general.
      • It is now decentralized and programmable. As a result it becomes composable and interoperable. This allows us to create larger, more accessible, and more efficient capital markets.
      • Due to network effects, one cryptocurrency will become the predominant form of digital, decentralized money. Better infrastructure for scalability, decentralization, security, and privacy, will attract more developers to invest in building out a robust financial layer.
    2. It empowers ownership and access at the individual level.
      • This can mean ownership of data, identity, content, and so much more.
      • Ownership means users and developers share in the upside of value creation, which creates strong network effect opportunities for apps, communities, and protocols.

    There are some key opportunities in the space that I'm interested in:

    1. Infrastructure and tooling that improves the crypto developer experience and makes it possible to build more.
    2. Software based legal, regulatory, and advisory group solutions.
    3. Building out all the layers of a full featured, decentralized, and private financial system with seamless on-ramp and off-ramp experiences.
    4. Consumer apps that help the broader population "Cross the Chasm" into web3.
    5. Consumer apps that explore identity, reputation and more broadly social graphs.
    6. The intersection of AI and web3 given that the latter, at its core, is an open ledger of highly valuable data.

    If what you're building lines up with my thesis, please reach out!

    Last update November 15, 2022.